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Renfe - TV Advertisement - Spain (2007)

Epica 2005/07068 Succession of images that all begin with the presentation of a mechanism. A nurse recovers a pocket of blood in a refrigerator, a photocopier that serves fans to print messages of love, a lift in which a couple ends up to have a good time, a camera that captures the arrival of a Marathon... Category : Transport Agency : McCann Erickson

Tento - TV Advertisement - Czech Republic (2003)

A marathoner walks by hips swinging, rolling his buttocks, seeming at the end of the effort... a woman gives him a drink but he prefers to rush to the toilet. When he emerges, he seems to be relieved and has never been so light to the point that he takes up competition in the race step by doubling his opponents... Category : Toiletries Agency : Young & Rubicam