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Marmite - TV Advertisement - United Kingdom (2010)

The food brand Pot has divided the UK for decades and focused its communication on taste, finally summed up in the famous catch: "You love it or you hate it". To animate the two opposing consumer camps a little bit, the brand gave birth to two political parties: the "Love Party", with the mission of spreading love and the "Hate Party", which, for its part, is to stop this spread. Steve Heaving, a man from the "Hate Party" party, rips the opposing party's poster and presents his propaganda to eradicate, abolish these jars of jam across the country. Set up areas where people who love this jam will gather to identify these consumers. Hunting and getting the cooks ready to give this product to the students in the schools. Chase all these pot eaters from the country and concentrate them on the island of Guernsey. Category : Food Agency : DDB (London)