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Hewlett packard - hp - TV Advertisement - United States (1999)

Kung Fu teacher/martial arts asks his master for new uniforms. The M0aître calls a supplier but the operator does not understand anything about his request. She sends them costumes of rabbits, nurses, Santa Claus, tutus... Finally the master decides to go on the internet to order his kimonos. 5419: Version 60 " Category : Computer and office automation Agency : Saatchi & Saatchi

Mazda - TV Advertisement - Japan (1999)

A couple gets into a car. Vincent Cassel is dressed as a Japanese samurai, he rushes to the vehicle and gives great sabre shots to turn the car into a Mazda Familia S-Wagon. The transformation made, Vincent Cassel sweeps the pieces of bodywork that hang... Category : Auto, motorcycle and Co Agency : Hakuhodo

Ufj tsubasa securities - TV Advertisement - Japan (2004)

Night. Two ninjas break into a courtyard. They jump over a wall, but the second one lands on the first. The awkwardness of the second mate remarked them and alerted the household. The fight is getting ready. Back to back, the two teammates take out their weapons. The second, by accident, crashes a Japanese star into his friend's head. CANNES film FESTIVAL Category : Banks and insurance Agency : Dentsu (Tokyo)

Playstation - TV Advertisement - Japan (2003)

Woman spreads her clothes on clothesline with martial arts movement. Category : Games and toys Agency : Hakuhodo

Euskaltel - TV Advertisement - Spain (2002)

A woman walks into the lobby of her building. She sees a giant mail from her telephone company where a disciple of Bruce Lee who begins to make a noisy demonstration of karate. Before each gesture, the man Cries "Kuota" (which translates into Spanish as "Charge"). The poor woman is unemotionally attending the demonstration until she cracks and sends a slap in the face. Category : Post Office and Telecommunications Agency : Dimension (San Sebastian)

Libresse - TV Advertisement - Sweden (2002)

An Asian woman comes to do a karate demonstration in front of a group of women. The demonstration carried out, the students start... Category : Toiletries Agency : Forsman & Bodenfors

Atlanta Ballet - TV Advertisement - United States (2001)

Two guys pretend to fight like Kung Fu Masters. Humor. Category : Shows, event Agency : Sawyer Riley Compton