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Treca - TV Advertisement - France (1994)

In museum, a night watchman monitors the master paintings via control screens. At the time when, on his radio, an info bulletin announces a wave of unexplained burglaries, small Tréca labels come to sway in the screens. Asleep The man, flew the paintings. Hypnosis. Category : Landscaping the House Agency : Euro RSCG

Anti pauvreté - TV Advertisement - France (2011)

Images of objects of everyday life with typo indicating the time it takes to consume them. Example: Coffee 9 minutes, pull over 4 years, razor 21 days, meal tray 15 minutes, essential products 1 week, mattress 11 years. We see these objects decompose. Typo: "It's time to make donations that last". Category : Large groups Agency : Euro RSCG 360

Epeda - TV Advertisement - France (1997)

Man in bathroom design. Back view. Make it toilet. Subjective Vision, plunges face under water. Looks in the mirror. Voice off man talking about amount of sweat. Air mattress. Man in bed with giant mite (old couple). Sleep together. Anxiety8644: English version Category : Landscaping the House Agency : Australie

Tango - TV Advertisement - United Kingdom (2002)

A man enjoys filling an inflatable mattress with freshly squeezed orange juice using a specific appliance. Then he climbs on when a porcupine arrives and rubs on the mattress that explodes by pouring orange juice all over the room. Category : Non-alcoholic beverages Agency : Clemmow Hornby Inge

Merinos - TV Advertisement - France (1990)

Woman organizes concert to wake her husband. Category : Landscaping the House Agency : Jacques Schu & Associes