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Volkswagen - TV Advertisement - Germany (2008)

Garage busy under a car, seems to toil. Strange noises. A squid/octopus emerges which he had difficulty in unhooking the suction cups. "580mm Wading Depth" Category : Auto, motorcycle and Co Agency : Grabarz & Partner Werbeagentur GmbH

Mobil - TV Advertisement - France (1970's)

70s. A mechanic (Henri Guybet) repairs a car, next to a man in a suit (Coluche) asks him a lot of questions about engine oil, it is heavy and sticky. The mechanic, exasperated, tends to him MobilOil oil and tells him that it is the best. Category : Services automobiles Agency : Ted Bates

Ligue de football professionnel - LFP - TV Advertisement - France (2005)

A woman just got her car repaired. The mechanic closes the hood without being careful, except that the client ends up with her hand stuck under the hood. She can't get it off, doesn't know what to do. It does not express its pain and does not emit a cry. Typo: Wait a little longer before you scream. Then we see her screaming in the bleachers at a football game. All the supporters are crazy with joy, obviously a goal of coming home. Category : Events Agency : Scher lafarge

Ford - TV Advertisement - United Kingdom (1992)

The spot parodies the movie "Rocky" by resuming his music. A man enters a hangar where there is an old model of Ford Escort RS 2000 that he decides to resurrect with the help of mechanic buddies. The car is completely redone and receives a new engine before finding the path of the circuits for a workout that sees her return to her best level under the eye of her trainer, stopwatch by hand. Category : Auto, motorcycle and Co Agency : Ogilvy & Mather

Toyota - TV Advertisement - Puerto Rico (2003)

Uniformed mechanics occupy various and varied jobs while preserving the gestures of their former profession: Cook putting oil, florist wiping the stem of a rose, in front of a piano that it opens as one raises a bonnet, extending the Linen with battery clamps. Category : Auto, motorcycle and Co Agency : Badillo Nazca / Saatchi & Saatchi

Valvoline - TV Advertisement - United States (2003)

A man is working on the maintenance of his pickup... we hear him talk to his son telling him that one day the vehicle will be his... then we see the legs of the father who protrudes from under the car and next, the legs of a baby you hear babble... Category : Accessories Agency : Lowe (New York)