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Centraal Beheer - TV Advertisement - Netherlands (2002)

Mafia has a horse coming by boat, Duke of Orange, which he pays cash. Italian fraternity, showing off and big mouth. Belmont Park Racecourse, New York, the whole Familia is found to attend the foal's race, on which the stakes are high. Departure, all the horses are soaring, except the Duke who is in fact a pro in his field, the parade in the step clock... Mafioso anxious about his future... Category : Banks and insurance Agency : DDB

Pepsi - TV Advertisement - United States (1999)

Five gangsters (Tarantino movie style/ref film Reservoir Dogs) arrive fast-food outdoors. Slow down & proper music. Black at the counter (American movie star Cuba Gooding Junior). Group leader hesitates on beverage choice. Black cries "PEPSI ONE!". He tastes, likes. Group member tries to close car with remote control of the doors, without success. Black tries: Car bomb explodes and then calls Taxi. Humor. Category : Non-alcoholic beverages Agency : BBDO Worldwide

Senseo - TV Advertisement - Belgium (2004)

Man enters into beautiful house like mafia, comes to talk to Godfather, espresso machine, Senseo espresso, "Why do we still have this strange Italian accent?" already diff. CANNES film FESTIVAL Category : Non-alcoholic beverages Agency : Duval Guillaume (Brussels)

Polaroid - TV Advertisement - France (1992)

Two cars intersect and exchange photos before making an exchange of diamonds and money. Mafia atmosphere. Also on 1510. Category : Photo, audio and video Agency : BDDP