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Anti tabac - TV Advertisement - France (2003)

Woman prepares birthday cake, lays candles then adds mock Films. Category : Major causes Agency : BDDP & Fils

Hot wheels - TV Advertisement - United States (2017)

Mother leaves her son the choice of the car they are going to take. Boy placed at the back of the vehicle is tied while his mother starts the car by storm. Its driving is sporty and it chains the brakes, accelerations, back steps to avoid some obstacles like barrels fallen from a truck on the highway. Nervous driving. They find themselves facing a bridge that has ceded and decide together to try the jump but the car does not reach the other side... That's when we understand that the mother and the son are playing on a miniature circuit with Hot wheels cars. Category : Games and toys Agency : BBDO San Francisco

Toyota - TV Advertisement - Australia (2017)

Very beautiful woman at the wheel of the Kruger is noticed by a man on the terrace who is about to dredge it but is stopped in his momentum when he sees the rear window passenger come down and the face of the son look at him. Humor. Category : Auto, motorcycle and Co Agency : Saatchi & Saatchi Sydney