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Ghd - TV Advertisement - United Kingdom (2010)

Myth of Cinderella Revisited. Sumptuous feast, populated with more sophisticated chicks than the others. Arrives the Prince, Modern Dandy, the wick on the side, the air fart. Midnight's ringing. Cinderella starts to run, loses szes shoe, her clothes self-destruct, her hair gets damaged. She hides in a room, finds a machine to straighten. Remakes a hairstyle and improvises a new outfit. Goes down the steps proudly, snubbes the Prince and breaks. Category : Cosmetics and Beauty Agency : RKCR/Y&R

Kadokawa - TV Advertisement - Japan (2005)

Young asian couple. Daughter asks for the book he would take to a deserted island: Homer's Iliad. He imagines himself on a beach, when he comes to him an Asian well-fat/fat Japanese in white toga: it is Achilles. He sprinkles it with milk from her breasts. Milk or lard? Yuck... Delusional fantasy. Category : Leisure and culture Agency : Dentsu Inc

Anti cancer - TV Advertisement - Norway (1999)

Adam and Eve naked on the back platform of a truck covered with apples. Incentive consumption fruit & vegetables for decreased risk of cancer. Category : Food Agency : BBDO (Oslo)

Anti cancer - TV Advertisement - Norway (1999)

Adam and Eve, naked under their leaf of vine, more young and a little flaccid, crunch apples with gluttony. A neighbor hunts them with a shotgun. Category : Food Agency : BBDO (Oslo)

Anti cancer - TV Advertisement - Norway (1999)

Eve, totally naked under her vine leaf, but more youthful and a little flaccid, sitting on Apple branch... that yields under her weight. Avalanche of apples on the biblical couple. Category : Food Agency : BBDO (Oslo)