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National Geographic Channel - TV Advertisement - Australia (2007)

A man does his daily chores with some kind of handicap: he seems to have a too heavy head. Fall: In fact it looks elongated the National Geographic channel. Category : Publications and Media Agency : Saatchi & Saatchi (Sydney)

National Geographic Channel - TV Advertisement - United States (2017)

Soil littered with white leaves covered with scientific formulas. Man plays the melody of Lady Gaga "Bad romance" on the violin. This man is no other than Albert Einstein, the famous genius of the 20th century. Albert Einstein pulls the tongue: nod to the famous photo. Spot that announces a genius documentary series dedicated to it. Category : Television Agency : McCann (New York)

National Geographic Channel - TV Advertisement - Italy (2003)

Man sleeps in one room, another joins him, settles on another bed. The first snores terribly, it tries to make all kinds of animal noise, imitations of animal sounds to wake it up. He stops snoring. "Knowing animals helps you live better" Category : Television Agency : Filmmaster (Milan)