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9 Telecom - TV Advertisement - France (2001)

computer screen. Typo Internet address of Mr Le Neuf. window opens and face of Mr the nine appears. is being filmed by web cam. has created its own site. Try for three hours to fit properly. I mean, he gets there. No, camera's coming down. Plan on his hand. Bummed. Ridiculous. So, site uninteresting. Voice over: "The 9 on the Internet is much more interesting when it is 9 Telecom and its packages with minutes reportable". Category : Post Office and Telecommunications Agency : Ogilvy

La compile de jean-patrick - TV Advertisement - France (2001)

Jean-Patrick shaves. Category : Leisure and culture Agency : Alice

9 Telecom - TV Advertisement - France (2001)

Ditto view on the living room. A cat goes by. Category : Post Office and Telecommunications Agency : Ogilvy

Old Spice - TV Advertisement - United States (2007)

Cannes 2008Bruce Campbell, Z-series actor plays the cheesy crooner, open white shirt and defeated Butterfly Knot, plays the piano a revival of "Hung Like a wolf". Sexy chicks surround her on all sides, gradually climbing on him. Category : Toiletries Agency : Wieden + Kennedy (Portland)

Collective du lait - TV Advertisement - United States (2009)

White gold, a moustached and hairy hero in an ultra kitsch white and gold outfit, in his immaculate white décor, tries to define us what white gold is: a kiss of women, a threading of shoes, a scraping of guitar strings, a burst of laughter between Greluches, a shrill Category : Dairy products Agency : Goodby Silverstein & Partners (San Francisco)

Svenska spel - TV Advertisement - Sweden (2000)

Dude sees superb white striped red sports car and dreams of having a similar one. He wins slot machine jackpot. He left with his rotten car but painted red with formwork lines. Category : Banks and insurance Agency : Lowe Brindfors

Volkswagen - TV Advertisement - Sweden (2000)

Posh and ridiculous old lady keeps saying she loves Gray. Category : Auto, motorcycle and Co Agency : Akestam Holst