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Canal+ - TV Advertisement - Spain (2000)

Convent of the "Congregation of the Holy Silence". Any noise is outlawed there, the nuns move in silence. The Mother Superior shows a sister how to pass the rolling pin without noise. It is even forbidden to shout when you burn with soup. Birthday of one of the nuns. By opening her gift, she breaks the law of silence by saying: "Oh, Sh... sugar". The others look at it with a disapproving air. His gift is a subscription to Canal +, hence surprise, saisissement. Category : Television Agency : Contrapunto

Manpower - TV Advertisement - Sweden (2000)

Film shoot. Comedians & Réal Bad. Réal wants nun to sit on whoopee cushion and then send cream pie in the face of death to pick her up. Producer, sorry, doesn't want a comic, but fear & anger, threatens to call Manpower. Réal feels the blood coming up in him. Category : Miscellaneous Services Agency : Lowe Brindfors