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Rosières - TV Advertisement - France (1995)

Two girlfriends. One of these three-function household appliances. Irony on the house. Irony on the weight. Valve. Category : Landscaping the House Agency : Alliance

Perdue - TV Advertisement - United States (2000)

Several shots show us a man with a languid look, lover, seducer... False track, in reality, he's watching his poultry cook in the oven. On the beast, a pressure valve is triggered. Typo: ' All lost roast specialties have a Pop-up chrono. You will not have to watch them, unless you wish to not use it without the agency! Category : Food Agency : Lowe Lintas & Partners

General electric - GE - TV Advertisement - Brazil (2003)

A pineapple-cooked pig came out of the oven after being cooked. The dish is turned in front of the oven and the pig loses the fruit it has in the mouth... Category : Landscaping the House Agency : Neogama BBH

Familiprix - TV Advertisement - Canada (2003)

Running gag. Life Situations. Guy shows up in blouse and mouth "Ah, Family price". Man cooking, cutting vegetables with knife. False track, it's his wife who burns when she comes out of the oven. Category : Large distribution Agency : BOS

Cinécinémas - TV Advertisement - Italy (2002)

In her kitchen, a woman with the looks of Julia is preparing a turkey while watching television. She does not stop laughing and lets herself be dissipated when placing the turkey in the oven... the latter goes through the window and ends on the sidewalk. Marks indicate the outline of the Turkey as if it were a crime scene. Category : Publications and Media Agency : Creo (Rome)