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ICA - TV Advertisement - Sweden (2008)

Ctvs-08-03762/Epica 2008-Cat 8 in a supermarket an employee choir repeats a Christmas song, Jingle Bell. They sing very well, like professionals. They all have in the hands of the products and their price is displayed. In the end they are not happy with what they did. So the chief decides to "do like last year", they put on a Christmas carol tape. Category : Large distribution Agency : King (stockholm)

ICA - TV Advertisement - Sweden (2006)

Epica 2006/01-03388 Episode 178 of the ICA saga. A seller wonders how prices can hold for so many years suspended over the products. Pascal is in charge. Indeed, a Frenchman circulates on the ceiling to display the right prices. Category : Large distribution Agency : King (stockholm)

Raider - TV Advertisement - France (1989)

Philip manoeuvres in a fridge. Challenge to make gesture and have raider. Category : Confectionery and chocolate Agency : Ted Bates