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Stella Artois - TV Advertisement - Germany (2007)

Fake pub made by student in film school.Black & white. Second World War. City cut in two by barbed wire; German soldier takes his courage with two hands, runs, jumps over the fence to arrive in the French sector. Chance: Exploit of the soldier filmed by French camera. German officer points the traitor to his rifle, but lets him save his life in exchange for a Stella Artois...Great achievement.20000_048: Attention, logo at the beginning of spot. Category : Alcoholic beverages

Motorola - TV Advertisement - United States (2018)

Hidden camera. Motorola has installed very real models that look at their smartphones in the streets of New York, Manhattan, to raise awareness of the over-consumption we make of our phones. Category : Photo, audio and video Agency : Ogilvy & Mather

Converse - TV Advertisement - Thailand (2000)

A man sits in front of his television which diffuses a totally blurred image but he doesn't care because he has eyes only for his shoes... Category : Clothing and Accessories Agency : JWT

Krema - TV Advertisement - France (1988)

Children are outraged because their parents eat pocket and they are snagged. 1481_079: Short version of 7 " Category : Confectionery and chocolate Agency : Ecom

Skol - TV Advertisement - Brazil (2003)

Two men indulge in a battle without mercy in the spans of a supermarket to recover the last pack of beers of the brand Skol. The battle turns to the cartoon to which are added the noises and everything is good (disguise, black paint on the ground that turns into gaping hole, shotgun that explodes in the face) to try to appropriate the precious beverage. Finally, the two men end up on the ground in a pitiful state after a final gunshot by sharing a beer whose liquid flows from their bodies because of the impact of bullets. Category : Alcoholic beverages Agency : F/Nazca Saatchi & Saatchi

Ben - TV Advertisement - Netherlands (2002)

A man, Will, thirty dynamic and cool, spends his whole day taped to the mobile phone. Floss, shaves, grabs coffee and feeds his hamster by phoning. Greets all his neighbors, in an auction, an unfortunate movement of arms makes him the owner of a stuffed camel. Takes pictures of tourists in front of this camel, phone to two people simultaneously, plays tennis with the phone stuck in the headband, gets bitten by a dog without letting go of the conversation, goes to party, sings in Karaoke... go home and lie down With his motive. Product dependency. Category : Post Office and Telecommunications Agency : KesselsKramer