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Protection animaux - TV Advertisement - International (2008)

Colonel Sanders-founder of the chain of fast food KFC-visit of the summary barracks in which are held chained hybrid beings Half Men half hens. Matons wear gas masks. Sanders throws syringes and doses at the creatures. Hormones? Category : Major causes Agency : The cricket club

Protection animaux - TV Advertisement - Canada (2004)

A woman leans into her fridge. His man comes from behind and caresses him like a dog. She tells him to stop. A message says that this is the kind of thing you can do with a pet. Category : Major causes Agency : DDB (Vancouver)

Protection animaux - TV Advertisement - Spain (2003)

A couple and a child in a car with cat masks. The man comes out of the car to follow a beautiful woman to the despair of his wife and daughter. For the sterilization of cats. Category : Major causes Agency : Saatchi & Saatchi (Madrid)

Protection animaux - TV Advertisement - Spain (2003)

In an evening where everyone wears dog masks. One of the dogs has an obnoxious, vulgar attitude. He's in rûte and touching his sex. For the sterilization of dogs Category : Major causes Agency : Saatchi & Saatchi (Madrid)

Protection animaux - TV Advertisement - Austria (2002)

Restaurant, woman in fur coat crosses waiter, the clash. Dish spills. Woman does not apologize and then goes on all fours to eat what is on the ground. Reacts like a dog. Category : Major causes Agency : TBWA

Protection animaux - TV Advertisement - United States (2001)

Dude stops on deserted road with his super cute dog. In his trunk, half-dead man covered with a garbage bag. Dude kills him with a baseball bat and throws him into ravine. He gets in his car and dog is happy to find him. Typo: "That's the great thing about pets. They really don't Category : Major causes Agency : Hungry Man