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Calpico - TV Advertisement - Japan (2008)

A04/023-Cannes 2008Young Asian full of kindness and kindness helps old/grannies to cross bridge by carrying them on her back. Old ones take advantage of it and abuse it. Tired boy. Category : Non-alcoholic beverages Agency : Dentsu

Vittel - TV Advertisement - France (1973)

In a restaurant, the toilets are deserted. The lady Peeing asks the butler to serve VITTEL. Everyone drinks and comes to pee, she gets tips. Category : Non-alcoholic beverages Agency : CLM & BBDO

Canadian International Documentary Film Festival - TV Advertisement - Canada (2001)

Black and white. View of an outdoor cinema promoting a festival of a documentary. There is no one. No queue. Typo: What's so great about documentaries? No line ups. " Category : Shows, event Agency : Radke Films