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Renault - TV Advertisement - France (2008)

A man talks about a lot of things he bought and brings back to the store. He gives the reasons why he bought them: either to impress his neighbor, to improve his swing, look like the dummy, because everyone has one, or for the name on the label. Finally his car, he bought it because he liked it. Category : Auto, motorcycle and Co Agency : Publicis

13ème rue - TV Advertisement - France (2007)

Two girlfriends chat in a bar, when they realize that the ex-husband of one of them is on TV as a super winner in the amount of 55 million euros... "Sometimes we'd like to go back in time" from the Heroes series. Category : Publications and Media Agency : BETC Euro RSCG

Playstation - TV Advertisement - United Kingdom (1998)

Various people talk about their dual lives. Fun to play. Pleasure in violence. Dangerous life, crimes. Enemies. Conquests. Pregnant woman, baby in arms. Man, handicapped, wheelchair. Man in Bath. Man with Lolita. Big transvestite. No regrets. Category : Games and toys Agency : TBWA / Simons Palmer

Protection santé - TV Advertisement - Germany (2001)

When she wakes up, Nana recalls her night. Meet a guy she's sleeping with. She would like to be able to go back and impose a condom on her. Category : Major causes Agency : Baumgarten