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Citroën - TV Advertisement - France (2008)

Rally race champion Sébastien Loeb brings back his car covered in mud to the dealer who wants to take him back in exchange for an autograph... on the check. Dude's a good joke.26566_064: Version 24 ". Category : Auto, motorcycle and Co

Mtv - TV Advertisement - International (2008)

Young girl/teenager piano half asleep on her laptop, surfing the internet. Voice off mocking "the Internet, its unimaginable network of networks... but sometimes real life is much better". Outside in the garden, a shirtless man rides a fiery horse. Female fantasy. Category : Publications and Media Agency : 180

Roza - TV Advertisement - Thailand (2003)

Several children lined up at the start of a race. All look hard, wicked and the middle one, looking all innocent and puny. Man gives start signal with shotgun. Little rider pulls out his rabbit teeth and starts to hop, chased by the other children's pack. Carrot Ketchup Sauce. Boy poses with his parents, nice bunny-toothed family. Category : Food Agency : TBWA