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Discovery channel - TV Advertisement - United States (2010)

A man fights against nature, in a rainforest. The vegetation comes to life with a human consciousness and does everything to create obstacles to man. The man tries to extricate himself from a mass of huge roots that refuse to let him go. The roots cling to his body to keep him prisoner. Like an adventurer, he climbs, passes streams, stones fall on him when he tries to climb a hill. Category : Television

Union fenosa - TV Advertisement - Spain (2001)

A typo presents the terms of a contract between two parts that are Earth and man. The duties and obligations of one towards the other are set out while images of nature parade: glaciers, deserts, forests, rivers, sea...15271_080: Spanish version Category : Miscellaneous Services Agency : Leo Burnett

Jeep - TV Advertisement - United States (2002)

Three girls are getting ready to cross a river. Once on the other side, a Jeep comes out of the water... it was by walking on its roof that they were able to cross without hindrance. Category : Auto, motorcycle and Co Agency : BBDO / Pentamark (detroit)