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Butterkist - TV Advertisement - United Kingdom (1999)

Two men in identical suits and neckties play pranks while eating BUTTERKIST popcorns. In hair salon, one of the pranksters asks hairdresser shampoo. When she starts her wig stays in her hands. Category : Food Agency : WCRS

Revlon - TV Advertisement - United Kingdom (1989)

Black and white. A beach. Children play to jump in the water. A gymnast, shirtless, makes back somersaults, gymnastics movements. In the meantime, a woman takes care of her hair. Slowness. Sensuality. Category : Cosmetics and Beauty Agency : Leagas Delaney

Sleeky - TV Advertisement - Thailand (2001)

A superb hair with particularly long hair that is the object of the utmost care until the moment when you realize that it is the hair of a dog that is entitled to its shampoo. Category : Food and Animal Care Agency : BBDO (Bangkok)