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A man with a jacket and a tie comes out of his car, he is so happy to have saved money on his car insurance that he needs to express this joy. It is discovered that he wears very tight shorts and high heels while he swings to the rhythm of "Don't Cha" of the Pussycat dolls while walking in the street. Passersby inspired by this new kind of hero join him in the space of a dance step and when Sharon Osbourne crosses it, she finds it "So MoneySuperMarket". Category : Sites internet Agency : Mother (Londres)

La française des jeux - TV Advertisement - France (2012)

The new lottery winners have to face unexpected hassles. 2 winners are in a superb Mercedes cabriolet when they notice on the roadside a hitchhiker with the looks of a mannequin. The 2 winners stop when they find that their convertible has only 2 seats and not one more... They then restart and plant the girl. A typo says: "The life of the winner sometimes reserves a few surprises" while a counter of millionaires makes its appearance to announce the next. Category : Gambling Agency : BETC (Paris)