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Trygg hansa - TV Advertisement - Sweden (1977)

Very cold picture CINEMA of northern EUROPE. Glasses carry ice. Across the street. Snow. Car's coming. Turn in time for Windows to not be broken. Horn. Man passes with ladder. Watch car so not in front of him then go into windows and breeze. Surprisingly. Humor. Category : Banks and insurance

Audi - TV Advertisement - Norway (2006)

Epica 2006/18-00770 A dog takes the lead in chasing an Audi on a snowy road. At the first bend, the animal finds its snout in the snow while the car continues its way without hindrance. Category : Auto, motorcycle and Co Agency : Bts United

Trane - TV Advertisement - Thailand (2003)

A car makes a skid, the door opens, a passenger lays a carton and then the vehicle leaves. Puppies come out of the box to rave in front of the landscape that made them a perfect playground. A stray dog with a sparse coat calls them to tell them that they have just been abandoned. The puppies start to cry while the other dog tells them they'd better reincarnate into air conditioners... Category : Landscaping the House Agency : TBWA