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Skol - TV Advertisement - Brazil (2003)

Two men indulge in a battle without mercy in the spans of a supermarket to recover the last pack of beers of the brand Skol. The battle turns to the cartoon to which are added the noises and everything is good (disguise, black paint on the ground that turns into gaping hole, shotgun that explodes in the face) to try to appropriate the precious beverage. Finally, the two men end up on the ground in a pitiful state after a final gunshot by sharing a beer whose liquid flows from their bodies because of the impact of bullets. Category : Alcoholic beverages Agency : F/Nazca Saatchi & Saatchi

Skol - TV Advertisement - Brazil (2003)

A man sips a beer by flipping through a magazine when he rises to put himself in a combat position before executing a karate catch that freezes him in the air after which he kicks a mosquito that approaches a little too much of his glass. But the man is not finished and throws himself on the mosquito which one sees a paw that strikes the ground as a sign of abandonment as do the wrestlers... The man then comes back to sit down to take a sip of beer. Category : Alcoholic beverages Agency : F/Nazca Saatchi & Saatchi