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Treca - TV Advertisement - France (1994)

In museum, a night watchman monitors the master paintings via control screens. At the time when, on his radio, an info bulletin announces a wave of unexplained burglaries, small Tréca labels come to sway in the screens. Asleep The man, flew the paintings. Hypnosis. Category : Landscaping the House Agency : Euro RSCG

Magic - TV Advertisement - Sweden (1999)

In train compartment, little guy the Fifties suit-tie reads his diary, the air not to touch it. Gradually comes closer to a young man who asleep, put on a sado-Maso mask and pulls out a big chainsaw, then takes his picture in the company of the young guy always asleep. Category : Non-alcoholic beverages Agency : BBDO Allanson Nilson Rififi

National Geographic Channel - TV Advertisement - Italy (2003)

Man sleeps in one room, another joins him, settles on another bed. The first snores terribly, it tries to make all kinds of animal noise, imitations of animal sounds to wake it up. He stops snoring. "Knowing animals helps you live better" Category : Television Agency : Filmmaster (Milan)

Halls - TV Advertisement - Spain (2001)

Guy in airplane sleeps and falls asleep on the passenger next to him. This one coughs politely in the hope of awakening its neighbor. Neighbor stays on the guy's lap but he gives her throat lozenges. Humor. Category : Health Agency : J Walter Thompson