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Kiss Radio - TV Advertisement - Slovakia (2011)

Weird guy says the lyrics to the song "I Know You Want Me" by Pitbull Category : Radio Agency : JANDL (Bratislava)

Protection enfance - TV Advertisement - Slovakia (2003)

Black & white Film. Close-ups on elements of nature: topped foliage of frost, ears of wheat, shrubs, all crossed during the passage of a train inside which is a little girl, pretending to contemplate nature, squeezing a book firmly in her arms. Train goes into a tunnel. Typo: Can You read in the dark? Exceptional children can. Exit the tunnel. Girl reads her book in Braille, so blind. Category : Major causes Agency : Leo Burnett

Budis - TV Advertisement - Slovakia (2002)

Cycling race. Cyclists are on a slight slope. The platoon is in the lead and the yellow jersey/le number 13 is at the train/last. The riders arrive at a supply stand, number 13 takes the bottle squarely. He drinks while continuing to pedal and he loses the group, he goes out of the way, he makes pouic on a rabbit, crosses the forest, avoids all the cars. And finally, he crosses the finish line upside down. CANNES film FESTIVAL Category : Non-alcoholic beverages Agency : Wiktor Leo Burnett

Triangel - TV Advertisement - Slovakia (2002)

Man enters a supermarket. Does not pay attention, the automatic door does not open, it takes it in the face and turns half turn. Category : Miscellaneous Services Agency : Wiktor Leo Burnett