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SNCF - TV Advertisement - France (2007)

Pictures of a train arriving in the station (Gare du Nord, Paris) interspersed plan on Rugbyman preparing for a game. Spot playing on the likeness between the actions in a station (guy who slaloms between people to not miss his train, who throws his bag on the train) and those on a rugby field. A reception hostess falls on a group of Rugbyman, picks up the protective cap of one of them. Image of games. On the train, a guy raises a little girl looking for her bag: parallel with a rugbyman that raises her partner. Accelerated Images of the TGV on the rails. Category : Transport

SNCF - TV Advertisement - France (2007)

On the street, a bunch of young stuntmen sits on a sofa with wheels. With the help of a bow and a suction cup, they are towed by a car before falling, imitation A. Fall. Category : Transport

SNCF - TV Advertisement - France (2016)

A meeting between a boy and a girl who cross each morning on opposite trains. A love story that begins but is based only on glances, until the benevolent intervention of two SNCF agents who lend them their phone to finally be able to speak. Category : Transport Agency : TBWA (Paris)

SNCF - TV Advertisement - France (2015)

The SNCF hires the choir of the small singers of Asnières to resume in chorus the memories of travels read on social networks and make a song to present its wishes and wish even more souvenirs and travelers on its lines in 2015. Category : Transport Agency : TBWA (Paris)