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JCDecaux - TV Advertisement - France (2000)

12 directors (Alex Proyas, Wong Kar Wai, Glen Goei, Ivan Zacharias, Wim Wenders, Roy Andersson, Frédéric Snowboard, Mike Figgis, Blanca Li, Spike Lee, David Lynch, Francis Ford Coppola) Imagine their way one morning all over the world, in town, around of a poster. 12 spots of 7 ". In a train station or subway station in Hong Kong, a guy snores. Category : Publications and Media Agency : Publicis Consultants

Corega - TV Advertisement - Argentina (1999)

Grandpa sleeps with his mouth open, his grandson arrives and unwraps a bottle with his grandfather's dentures. The boy's leaving. On a table, next to Grandpa, dental cream. Category : Health Agency : Grey

Channel 4 FM - TV Advertisement - United Arab Emirates (1999)

A slider scans the radio waves. A hum is heard until the cursor attaches to a station. A female character appears that picks up her jaw to burp... Category : Publications and Media Agency : Saatchi & Saatchi

National Geographic Channel - TV Advertisement - Italy (2003)

Man sleeps in one room, another joins him, settles on another bed. The first snores terribly, it tries to make all kinds of animal noise, imitations of animal sounds to wake it up. He stops snoring. "Knowing animals helps you live better" Category : Television Agency : Filmmaster (Milan)

SorBits - TV Advertisement - Denmark (2001)

Day after party. Dude fell asleep in his couch. The flies vanish because of his breath. Humor. Category : Confectionery and chocolate Agency : Euro RSCG