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Subaru - TV Advertisement - United States (2016)

Dog at the wheel of a car, strolls his puppy who is in a baby seat to put him to sleep. Coming home, puppy wakes up and barks, dog at the wheel restarts and leaves for a ride. Dog like humans. Category : Auto, motorcycle and Co Agency : Carmichael Lynch

Baileys - TV Advertisement - United Kingdom (2004)

Weightless Bar. A bottle of Baileys spills forming a big bubble of liquid. The bartender explodes it in a lot of small marbles that people have fun to swallow. Category : Alcoholic beverages Agency : BBH (London)

Antena 1 - TV Advertisement - Romania (2003)

Old red car SIMCA rolling on national deserted countryside, bordered by cypress trees. Inside old couple. Woman sees a wheel laid on the ground, picks it up and pretends to drive. Car arrives at the height of another crate, new and driven by a young. Old pretends to turn left brutally, the youngster gets scared and crashes into the ditch. Old player is laughing. Category : Television Agency : Leo Burnett