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Vidéotron - TV Advertisement - Canada (1999)

In the desert, two cowboys face each other for a duel. The body of one of them does not appear totally... download problem. The other cowboy takes care as he can by shooting a rattlesnake, on the hat of his enemy, he plays with a lasso, empties his boots... when the guy is able to shoot, the duel takes place but we still have to wait for the legs to appear to repatriate the E defeated Cowboy. Category : Sites internet Agency : Publicis (Montréal)

The independent film channel - TV Advertisement - United States (2002)

An independent stuntman explains that he never does things halfway. A director designates 2 chairs, one real and another dummy. The stuntman prefers the actress to use the real chair to break her back... he chains the catches... Category : Television Agency : Hungry Man (New York)