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Telkom - TV Advertisement - Kenya (2017)

The yellow arrows, the logo of the Telkom telephone operator, are infiltrated throughout a city in Kenya. Street Art, hairdressing salon, transportation, photo shoot, computer screen, jogger tracksuits, smartphone screen, yards, graffiti, elevator button etc. The two arrows invite themselves into the daily lives of the inhabitants, up to the nightclubs, on a rousing rhythm. Telkom moves with its users and illustrates this concept of movement with a high-color video that moves constantly from one place to another. Category : Post Office and Telecommunications Agency : Circus Advertising Mauritius

Ballantine's - TV Advertisement - United States (2015)

INSA, inventor of gif-ITI (he paints several graffiti and then photographs them to extract an animated GIF), launches a new challenge by realizing the first animated GIF visible from space. In Brazil, he will paint 4 creations in 4 days on Earth after which a satellite photographs them from space to make a GIF of one second with the 4 images. A team helps INSA in his company to paint the outlines he has drawn on the ground. After 576 hours of work, the world's largest animated painting comes to life. Category : Alcoholic beverages