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JBC - TV Advertisement - Belgium (2004)

A pretty young blond woman attracts men like a magnet. She goes up in a subway compartment, two young guys stuck and crushed against the window of the door. Category : Clothing and Accessories Agency : Duval Guillaume (Brussels)

Smirnoff - TV Advertisement - United States (2001)

A group of young people stop the subway train on the pretext of repairs. They install a sound system, decorate the subway and make a party inside nightclub style. Category : Alcoholic beverages Agency : JWT

Gordon's - TV Advertisement - United Kingdom (2004)

Daily life of the inhabitants of a city; Heat such that people do not lose an opportunity to sprinkle with water. Except one of the guys, sufficiently refreshed by his Gin. Category : Alcoholic beverages Agency : BBH (London)

Bianco - TV Advertisement - Denmark (2004)

Epica 2004/24037-Cannes film Festival a girl with the allure of a model waits for the subway in a station. Dwarves are coming out of the oar. In a room, at the factory, in public places, in Disco... She sees dwarves everywhere, it's actually the effect of high-heeled shoes she wears. Category : Clothing and Accessories Agency : & Co

Lugz - TV Advertisement - United States (2003)

Very successful animated Film with a very graphic styling. On a yellow, orange and red background. Several guys dance hip-hop, make figures, arrow in animation revolves around them. They pass the arrow between them, on the street, in the subway. Category : Clothing and Accessories Agency : Avrett Free & Ginsberg

Pond's - TV Advertisement - Chile (2002)

In the subway, a woman is being played by two old women because she sits on a place reserved for the elderly. No words, just gestures and mouth movements emitting metallic noises, like scrambled radio waves. Woman makes them watch a pub poster for an anti-aging cream. She's a good fit. Typo-Hang. Category : Cosmetics and Beauty Agency : Ogilvy & Mather

Happy Days - TV Advertisement - Belgium (2001)

On the subway platform, a man gets mad at an ATM... He hits the machine and the one next door that is a distributor of condoms... by tapping on it, the machine lets out a condom... The man exchanges a glance with a young woman Who is waiting for the subway... Category : Miscellaneous Services Agency : Lowe Lintas & Partners