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Française des jeux - TV Advertisement - France (2010)

Staging of a friendly confrontation between two personified astrological signs. The lion sits on a rock, while the Cancer is next to it, on the ground. Lion and Cancer rival beauty from their costumes. The characters tease their personalities, they fight the place of the best and thus create collusion with the players. The cancer has won on the same ticket twice, once by scraping the bet and another thanks to its character trait, peculiar to its astrological sign. In cancer, it's his emotion. Category : Gambling Agency : Young & Rubicam (Paris)

Française des jeux - TV Advertisement - France (1992)

Even in your living room, you can live the excitement of the sport. A family man gets booed by his wife and daughter because he just lost to the sports Lotto. Category : Games and toys Agency : Lintas