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Nestea - TV Advertisement - Spain (2009)

Project Manager Perfect takes this speech: "If 9 out of 10 people accept the perfection of Nestea, why would they not accept human perfection?"It's Christmas, family of imperfect people partying. Son of a small and chubby family made B.A., invited a perfect man, shirtless, bright smile that dazzles and sings like a god. Family has trouble, does what it can to tolerate this individual so far away from them. Category : Non-alcoholic beverages Agency : McCann Erickson

Maltesers - TV Advertisement - United States (2018)

Four girlfriends are chatting in a café. Sara says she can't meet anyone on the dating app and the sites. She says she's a victim of discrimination. Her friends ask her if it's because she's a lesbian or a vegetarian. She says No. That's because she's an accountant. Humor. Wrong track. Category : Confectionery and chocolate Agency : AMV BBDO