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K-Bank - TV Advertisement - Norway (1999)

Baby, little girl and father at the table. Kid sends mashed potatoes or yogurt on father with spoon. Father said to him: "Daddy loves You, Daddy will take care of you...". Girl continues to sprinkle her. Talk to him about bank, savings Plan girl takes towel and wipe. Logo. Category : Banks and insurance Agency : Leo Burnett

FHM - TV Advertisement - Netherlands (2001)

A man in a swimsuit is on a beach. He settles down, digs a hole in the sand, lays his towel and places his sex in the hole in a relaxed way. Category : Publications and Media Agency : Swh

Dial - TV Advertisement - United States (2003)

Sweaty guy wipes off with a towel that he accidentally finds hanging on the exit of a sauna. He hangs up the towel and leaves. The guy who owns the towel comes out of the sauna and wipes his face. Disgusting. Category : Toiletries Agency : Gsd&m (austin)