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Starmark - TV Advertisement - Denmark (2017)

Starmark is a brand that sells used cars whose cleaning and mechanical repair programs are supposed to leave no trace of the vehicle's history. In order to prove the veracity of this service, a test is carried out on 3 cars with 3 different situations: Rock musicians play, Sing and sweat, a couple makes love, and two women dissect shrimps that cover the whole interior of the Vehicle. An expert in criminology comes to check these cars but can't find what happened inside. Discover the images and admit that the cleaning done is perfect. Category : Services automobiles Agency : TBWA & BBDO Copenhague

Cleanit - TV Advertisement - Russia (1999)

A voice off explains that a small trace of lipstick can cause a more important skin problem... we see a picture of Bill Clinton with a brand of kiss on the cheek and the picture after, it's a black eye that he has... Category : Cosmetics and Beauty Agency : 180