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Evironmental defence - TV Advertisement - Canada (2012)

A woman participates in a television game in which a moderator proposes to choose a cosmetic product that is not harmful or carcinogenic among an exhaustive selection that brings a potiche nevertheless smiling. The woman selects a lipstick but it is a bad choice as indicated by a skull that appears on the screen. The presenter insists that all products are harmful. The competitor questions the fact that she had no chance of winning but the presenter sends her back behind the scenes in the applause of the audience. Category : Major causes Agency : Open (Toronto)

Milijonar - TV Advertisement - Slovenia (2001)

Bakery. Woman comes out with bread. Other is coming. Ask Baker Bread. Returns him impenetrable gaze. Music suspense. It offers 4 types of breads, which appears according to graphic chart of "Who Wants to earn millions?". Thoughtful woman, seems embarrassed. Logog Games. VoiceOver: "Are you ready for a new season?". Woman asks if she can have half a loaf. Half of the answers are erased. Category : Publications and Media Agency : TBWA

Game Show network - TV Advertisement - United States (2001)

A patient on a hospital bed, a cashier, a kid, a soldier, a waitress, binoculars, a couple of retirees... all repeat the word "botulism." They actually answer a question posed to a candidate of a televised game that answers: "Salmonellosis"... and crashes.With a small appearance of the American actor Chris Evans Category : Television Agency : TBWA\Chiat\Day