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Uniroyal - TV Advertisement - France (1993)

Orangs utans Rock No roll on 1423_020 tires: Version 12 " Category : Services automobiles

Bud Light - TV Advertisement - Canada (2003)

During a competition to elect the strongest man, we prepare the last test of lifting a refrigerator filled with Budweiser. A spectator tries to steal the precious loot but is arrested by a menacing gnome himself stopped with a cane by an old man who intends to keep his catch... Category : Alcoholic beverages Agency : Downtown partners & DDB (Toronto)

Much music - TV Advertisement - Argentina (2001)

Fidel Castro is on a raft, he's going to see U2 play in Miami. Category : Publications and Media

Mercedes-Benz - TV Advertisement - Belgium (2000)

A little dog arrives in front of two cars. On the left is a Mercedes, on the right another one whose mark is not visible. He looks at them both. One after another. He hesitates, "thinks." But finally he decides for the right one. He goes and pees on a tire. Logo. Category : Auto, motorcycle and Co Agency : Ldv / bates