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Fnac - TV Advertisement - France (2002)

Benedict's birthday, twenties. All his buddies gathered, and offered him full of articles derived from his favorite band: CD, Collector's T-shirt, mug, perfume that stinks, tie... Another gift differs: 4 CDs that are not from his favorite band. The Buddies don't believe it. In fact it is a small, discreet and shy little rascal who is the cause. Benoît smiles, reassured friends, the party resumes. Typo: What if we change discs? Logo. Category : Large distribution Agency : Ogilvy & Mather

Anti drogue - TV Advertisement - Italy (2002)

VoiceOver sets out instructions to be in the norm, compliant and uniform: be skinny, know how to hold his place, be perfect, strong, beautiful, laugh... Young people refuse forcefully. Category : Major causes Agency : Young & Rubicam