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Levi's - TV Advertisement - United States (1995)

Black and white. Beginning of the century. Small town in the United States. Subjective camera. Young man enters into store. Buy condoms. Close-up on faces customers, a little shocked that we buy condoms in front of them. Young man picks up car and goes to girlfriend. Arrives in front of house. Girlfriend beckons him from the balcony. Range Hood in Small pocket jean. Guy Sounds and it's the keeper of the store that opens him. His girlfriend's father. Discovery face young man. Shock. Daughter goes down but father doesn't want to let her go because he knows what they're going to do. Finally, both leave before father helpless and anxious. Trance music. Good movie. Category : Clothing and Accessories Agency : Bartle Bogle Hegarty

Period Equity - TV Advertisement - United States (2017)

Spot As for a luxury product. Amber Rose in glamour mode struts with a diamond necklace in which lurks a... stamp. Spot denounces the fact that 36 US states still have the stamp tax. A tax considered luxury that affects half of the population. Category : Major causes Agency : J. Walter Thompson

Bjorn Borg - TV Advertisement - Sweden (2017)

Björn Borg, the former Swedish tennis player who has his sports clothing brand decided to make a tennis tournament at the Mexican American border to protest against the wall and Donald Trump's policy on it. A tennis court is erected stacked in the middle of the two walls separating the countries. Cops and border guards of both nations are part of the game while two buddies, a Mexican and an American, play a friendly game on the ephemeral terrain and tell how the hardening of the law will change their daily lives, complicate their friendship and will make their training to which they were accustomed almost impossible. Category : Sport Agency : Round & Round