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Vegetarian society - TV Advertisement - United Kingdom (1998)

Sexual connotation act of love. Woman Fingers roll pie dough, yard, dick. Man fingers caress pea, clitoris. Food penetration. Vegetables. Steam rises. Red Chili. Ejaculation of rice. Heart fishing flowing. Drip on the tip of asparagus.Analogy, Comparison Category : Miscellaneous Services Agency : Ogilvy

Hiltl - TV Advertisement - Switzerland (2002)

Young blond couple in the restaurant, soft and romantic atmosphere. A rose salesman shows up. Man grabs one, smiling, happy woman. False track/misunderstanding/misunderstanding, the man begins to eat it, a little surprised. Typo-Hang. Category : Restoration Agency : Wirz werbeberatung (zurich)

Little Caesars - TV Advertisement - United States (1990)

In a building hall, on a background of anxiety music, there appear pizzas with meat that are delivered in vegetarians who grow howling by discovering their worst nightmare... Category : Restoration Agency : Cliff Freeman & Partners