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Cetelem - TV Advertisement - France (2010)

Interview of the Watermelon man. He put a watermelon on his head to look like Cetelem's mascot. He introduces his invention: a lead shoe to block the doors of people who don't want his rotten credit. The floor is awfully scratched. Category : Banks and insurance Agency : TBWA (Paris)

Sécurité routière - TV Advertisement - United States (1992)

Comparison of watermelon protected by motorcycle helmet. Helmet Falls. Fruit intact. Next to watermelon without protection. Fruit bursts. Category : Major causes Agency : Martin Williams

The Sun - TV Advertisement - United Kingdom (2002)

All sorts of things presented in pairs... dogs, breads, candlesticks, jugs, watermelons, Page 3 of the Sun in reference to his playmate topless... Category : Publications and Media Agency : TBWA (London)