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Bounty - TV Advertisement - France (2001)

Young woman walks in the street. By the time she crunches Bounty, she goes past showcase where aquarium is and her hair rises and floats in the air, as if she were in the water. All filmed in slow motion. Category : Confectionery and chocolate

Collective du lait - TV Advertisement - France (2010)

Gaël Monfils, at a press conference, reveals his secret to form: Trains hard, shoots cannons on the roof of a building where bullets are going to get lost in the jungle; Plunges under the water and makes fish out with its racket; On the roof of a bus, makes air with his racket in a sail to make it advance... Press stunned. Category : Dairy products Agency : La Chose

Cup a Soup - TV Advertisement - Netherlands (2010)

Dynamic young entrepreneur hyper motivated so that his box is "green"/eco-friendly. Employees make their own chair by sawing boards, Guy gets caught a roll of PQ under the jacket, recovery of rainwater in a bottle... This same boss takes a pale wind turbine in the face when leaving the building. Category : Food Agency : TBWA\Neboko (Amsterdam)

Wind - TV Advertisement - Italy (2007)

Young man sitting on his car, looking at the stars, catching the moon by reaching for the arm and sending him a kiss. His girlfriend who walks in the mountains receives her. Category : Post Office and Telecommunications

M tel - TV Advertisement - Austria (2003)

Father and son make kite but father responds to cellphone and cowardly son who is swept away in the air. Category : Post Office and Telecommunications

Leki - TV Advertisement - Bulgaria (2007)

Ctvs-01-00902_002/Epica 2007-01 an old woman toothless is being interrogated in the wilderness. She's going to reveal the secret of Leki sausages. Unfortunately, a gale prevents her from hearing what she says. Category : Food Agency : Lowe Swing Communications

Qwest - TV Advertisement - United States (2001)

Desert landscape like Texas. Heat, sunshine, sand. Kid comes out of his house, closes his eyes and concentrates. Suddenly the wind rises, the clouds invade the sky and the snow falls. Happy kid plays with his dog. Father witness the scene jumps with joy. "Imagine It's possible" Category : Post Office and Telecommunications Agency : JWT

Nike - TV Advertisement - Netherlands (1999)

In the clouds, a band of merry drills unleashes the elements while a woman is jogging. Cold, wind, rain... nothing is spared... even a frog's rain. (Reference to the film "Magnolia" by Paul Thomas Anderson released in 1999) Category : Clothing and Accessories Agency : Wieden + Kennedy (Amsterdam)

La poste - TV Advertisement - Switzerland (2002)

Fixed plane on man in street. Traffic noise. Man with hair when Swiss Kurier passes. Speed.10778_001: English version Category : Post Office and Telecommunications Agency : Chocolate Films

La poste - TV Advertisement - Switzerland (2002)

Fixed Plan on an Afghan greyhound on the street. Traffic noise. Hairy Dog When the post passes. Speed.10778_005: English version (Swiss-Kurier)10778_005: English version Category : Post Office and Telecommunications Agency : Chocolate Films

Audi - TV Advertisement - South Africa (2002)

Close-up on Sharpei's head, whose face is all pleated. He looks through the window of a car. This one starts is dog face is unfolded by the speed of the car. Category : Auto, motorcycle and Co Agency : Ogilvy & Mather

Wind - TV Advertisement - Italy (2001)

94 World Cup Final in the United States. Brazil-Italy. Baggio is getting ready to make a shot at the goal. In reality he missed. Here thanks to the tricking the ball enters in a miraculous way. Joy. VoiceOver talks about the benefits of using WIND's Internet service. Logo.10489_028: English version Category : Post Office and Telecommunications Agency : TBWA