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With Emmy Rossum and Harry Lennix. Story based on real facts.A reporter interviews a politician. When this interview ends, the reporter thanks him and the latter compliments him and takes the opportunity to caress her knee... Typo indicates that it is harassment. Category : Major causes

Mozell - TV Advertisement - Norway (1994)

An apple and a grape. Sex. Category : Non-alcoholic beverages Agency : Leo Burnett

Protection animaux - TV Advertisement - Canada (2004)

A woman leans into her fridge. His man comes from behind and caresses him like a dog. She tells him to stop. A message says that this is the kind of thing you can do with a pet. Category : Major causes Agency : DDB (Vancouver)

Bazar - TV Advertisement - Turkey (1999)

Black & white. Couples kiss, Touch, Caress and dévêtent. Elements of their bodies or of the decor serve as supports for typos indicating different contents of the magazine. Category : Publications and Media Agency : Ajans Ultra

Rochas Paris TV Advertisement

Man hand caress a globe in motion then born in his hand a vial of globe-shaped fragrance