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Anti violence - TV Advertisement - United Kingdom (1999)

CANNES 99 scenes of unsustainable domestic violence. You can't see anything except childhood characters that hide their eyes with their hands. Teddy on wallpaper children's room. Cartoon character on mug/mug. Doll. Teenage girls magazine Stars. You can see nothing but you hear everything: child matreated, mother beaten, child in the closet, incest. Anti violence children. Sponsor: Microsoft. Category : Major causes Agency : Saatchi & Saatchi (London)

Pond's - TV Advertisement - Canada (1999)

Fries bathe in a deep fryer. A hand comes to put the fries in a cone while the grease sprays the shoes. Close-up on the pan of the fryer and its oil... a sticker comes to stick on the screen and then on a face like to come to the aid of oily skins. The sound of the fryer oil becomes inaudible. Category : Cosmetics and Beauty Agency : Ogilvy & Mather

GNT - TV Advertisement - Brazil (2004)

Love story between a guy and his hand. He kisses him, goes to the cinema, etc... Category : Television Agency : DDB

Seguros bolivar - TV Advertisement - Colombia (2003)

In the hallway of a hospital three doctors/surgeons Rapp by showing their hands to the camera, in the manner of a traditional rap clip. Category : Banks and insurance Agency : Leo Burnett

Familiprix - TV Advertisement - Canada (2003)

Running gag. Life Situations. Guy shows up in blouse and mouth "Ah, Family price". Man who tinkers and injures himself with a hammer. Category : Large distribution Agency : BOS

Mike's Hard Lemonade - TV Advertisement - United States (2002)

In a water park, 2 cleaning agents clean the surrounding area of the pond where the Orcs are... one of the agents picks up a fish that it tends to above the basin when an orc comes to catch the fish by ripping off the poor guy's arm... as if nothing was , his colleague is admiring the tour and invites the crippled man to come and drink a lemonade... at the bar, the bartender slides the glass over the counter but the guy with an arm less lets pass the drink that will crash... Category : Non-alcoholic beverages Agency : Cliff Freeman & Partners (New York)

Caritas - TV Advertisement - Spain (2002)

Young man is talking to a big picture of an ear, sick looking big photo smiling mouth, tramp sleeps in the rain next to big photo hand, homeless woman eats in the street next to big picture torso man. Category : Major causes Agency : McCann Erickson (Madrid)

Lotto - TV Advertisement - Spain (2002)

After having Pisar, man washes his hands, wipes his hands and then trains to make the arms of honor in front of the mirror. Category : Gambling Agency : Publicis (Madrid)

Dulux - TV Advertisement - South Africa (2002)

Woman's giving birth. Fatigue, effort. Baby cries. Joy, happiness. Says I love you to his man, takes her hand: white hand in Black Hand. Typo-Hang. Category : DIY and gardening Agency : Lowe Bull (Cape town)

Rochas Paris TV Advertisement

Man hand caress a globe in motion then born in his hand a vial of globe-shaped fragrance