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Hootsuite - TV Advertisement - International (2014)

The generic of "Game of Thrones" is revisited to the sauce social networks with each of them (Google, Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Linkedin, Hootsuite) that has its territory. YouTube becomes the Colosseum, Twitter is an island and Linkedin is a market place. Everyone is ready to make war on each other to maintain its specificity but all are related to Hootsuite. Category : Post Office and Telecommunications

Volkswagen - TV Advertisement - United Kingdom

A couple brings their baby home. We see the father watching over his daughter while the latter will grow up over the spot. He teaches him to walk, gives him food, participates in his activities between dancing learning swimming or cycling. When she's sleepy, he carries it in his arms, at the beach it is he who passes him sunscreen to protect it from the sun, he takes care to hide his eyes when a television picture is not for her, he takes him to walk in the forest and when comes the time of the pre Little friends he stays on the lookout. When his teenage daughter goes clubbing, he waits for her to drive home. Then comes the time of separation to go to university, he helps him to make his boxes and offers him the keys of his Volkswagen Polo so that his daughter always remains in good hands. Category : Auto, motorcycle and Co Agency : Adam&Eve DDB (Londres)

Crest - TV Advertisement - Switzerland (1994)

A distinguished, preppy, working girl, sitting at an office in a library setting talks about her requirement for her intimate life. She says she uses the Crest condoms. Speak in a very crude way, use the word "kiss." English Version on 2693_011 and 8676_015 Category : Health Agency : GGK

Pizza Hut - TV Advertisement - United States (2006)

Family at the table, the son orders a pizza. Suddenly the star Jessica Simpson arrives singing the hit of Nancy Sinatra "These boots are made for walking". The boy falls into a daze. Category : Restoration Agency : BBDO Worldwide (New York)

Les Magasins U - TV Advertisement - France (2018)

Several sequences in which a U-shop employee substitutes the customer's order with a healthy health product to encourage the general public to better consumption: A man is being replaced his fries by fruits that an employee delivers, A sausage drive is substituted by a chicken fillet pat the butcher of the store, the fish seller makes a little sporty pass to his client. An old lady carries her big bag of racing to put it in the trunk of his vehicle: keeps physically. It is discovered that she is supportive of the football club of her city and that the players are all customers whose orders were changed under the watchful eye of the store manager. An astonishing punchline: "We will always prefer to help the local sports club instead of giving money to a very far away shareholder". Cynical reminder of the operation of the large distribution. Category : Large distribution Agency : TBWA (Paris)

A&W - TV Advertisement - Canada (2010)

In a fast food, an employee and his superior prepare the decoration of the restaurant because a promotional offer on hamburgers will begin. The employee inflates helium balloons, and as soon as his colleague begins to speak, his voice is altered by inhaling helium. They laugh and both repeat in different tones the slogan of the promotion: "2 for $4". The chief tells him to turn off the helium but the other continues his delirium so it is the superior who stops the propagation of helium. Category : Food Agency : Rethink communications (vancouver)

Samsung - TV Advertisement - France (2012)

The movie starts with a typo that says, "Open your eyes." Then you see a cat purring on the belly of his mistress whose cell phone rings in alarm mode. Another typo says: "Inspiration is everywhere". A subjective camera puts us in the place of the young woman who rises from her bed, opens her curtains and sees a window drawing on the wall opposite with a cuckoo coming out. In the armchair a character is drawn while the teapot is transformed into a server with its small bow tie and the liquid that comes out of its sleeve. The rest of the breakfast goes on a platter and when the young woman breaks the shell of her egg to the hull, it is another character that appears. The crescent opens and lets out a butterfly that flies away while the chimneys of the building are also characters who wave their arms. In the distance we can see the Eiffel Tower which turns into a lighthouse whose beam illuminates Paris. The young woman opens the door of her apartment and we see her wa